Introducing the Core Audience Management Platform

Core Audience is designed to meet the needs of both brands and publishers – recognizing it’s time to own their own audience data. Gathered, structured, analyzed, and delivered in real-time, audience data becomes audience intelligence. And audience intelligence fuels your business.

Our software as a service platform was envisioned from the start and built from the ground up to be an always-on engine – collecting, integrating, modeling, analyzing, and measuring data from any online or offline, first, second or third party data source. Then structuring that data into valuable audience segments, and ultimately providing owner-defined access to those audience segments to inform marketing activity.

The Core Audience Platform Architecture

Our cloud-based platform has a feature set second to none:


  • Collects audience data in true real time
  • Qualifies audiences into segments in real time
  • Provides customizable first party “intent” taxonomies
  • Provides drag-and-drop user defined audience segments
  • Integrates first, second and third-party sources, and offline CRM data
  • Delivers audience data to bought, earned, and owned platforms
  • Provides access to audience segments as soon as the user qualifies
  • Offers flexible rules-based tag management
  • Protects audience data – stopping leakage of first-party data
  • Monitors third-party tags activity and page performance
  • Extends audience reach via closed-loop optimization
  • Provides customizable reporting across all audience attributes
  • Delivers interactive dashboard reporting
  • Identifies audience volume and reach potential

The benefits of the Core Audience Management Platform:

Know your Audiences.

Are you still talking about unique visitors, or do you want to develop customer segments to learn how many high-value intenders or mid-tier loyalists are interacting with your marketing content?

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Reach your Audiences.

Knowing is one thing, being able to use those insights to execute better experiences is what really matters. Feed audience intelligence to your marketing execution platforms in real time.

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Find “Like” Audiences.

Increasing engagement and conversion with existing customers is great. Discovering how to find look-a-likes – people who resemble your most valuable customers – is even better.

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Optimize your Audiences.

Digital marketers are slowly migrating from channel specific optimization to more advanced attribution models. Have you considered shifting your focus to audience optimization?

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Protect Your Data

Brands continue to unknowingly give their first-party data away. With Core Audience’s tag management and third-party tag monitoring capabilities, you can protect your audience intelligence, determine what you share with whom, and assess what others might be doing with the data you provide.

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Questions to Ask Your DMP

What defines a full-service ‘pure play’ DMP? The data management platform space can be confusing, and understanding what a vendor does and doesn’t offer can be difficult to determine if you don’t know what questions to ask. These 10 questions provide you with a starting point in your assessments.

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