It’s Spring. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

It’s cliché that spring is a time of change, and for both Red Aril and the marketing industry overall, that was true.

Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Machine addressed the changes in his excellent post on Monday, Content, Dethroned.

Rather than concentrating on total audience, we should concentrate on the net future value of each reader. Where does that value reside? That question raises a fundamental strategic—and religious—issue: We in news and media keep saying that our content has value. Well, yes; no one will disagree. But we need to ask whether the greater value resides in the content or in the relationships and data it can spawn. Yes, the content has value, but how best do we extract that value?

The value triangle formed by content, data and relationships is fundamental for enterprise marketers. After years of marketing channel fragmentation, enterprise marketers are moving away from tactical, transactional marketing approaches toward a data-centric strategy that creates competitive advantage by consistently and persistently leveraging their own data across all online and offline marketing programs.

One example is Mansuetto Ventures, which chose Red Aril as the centerpiece of an audience data-warehousing strategy that will allow them to offer more relevant, engaging content and marketing messages across their line of print publications, websites, events and more.

Another example is Tectonic (formerly Adify International), which has chosen Red Aril as a technology partner for its integrated, multi-channel service for international publishers and brand advertisers.

A recent article on Red Aril in the San Francisco Business Times also summed the changes up well: It Pays to Know Your Audience.

In a data-driven world, the ability to know your audience, in real time, no matter what marketing channel you use to reach them, is what makes a DMP critical.